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Photographer Captures Private Moments Of LGBTQ Icons In Stunning Color

Photographer Captures Private Moments Of LGBTQ Icons In Stunning Color

By Curtis M. Wong 03/16/2017 11:59 am ET 

Photo: Tom Atwood 

Photographer Tom Atwood wanted to his new book to capture George Takei, John Waters, Meredith Baxter and a host of other LGBTQ newsmakers in a more intimate light than ever before. 

So Atwood visited each of his famous subjects in their respective homes for Kings & Queens in Their Castles, which hits retailers April 25. The finished collection, he said, took 12 years to complete and required him to travel to 30 states across the country. 

“The primary responsibility I felt was to portray subjects as they truly are, how they really live… to capture moments that reflect their everyday lives,” Atwood told The Huffington Post. “A lot of LGBTQ photography depicts scantily-clothed young subjects and seems to emphasize nudity and sexuality. I wanted to offer a different perspective.”

Many of Atwood’s subjects, such as former U.S. congressman Barney Frank and Fun Home author and cartoonist Alison Bechdel, reside far from the urban confines of New York and Los Angeles. As time-consuming as the travel was, Atwood said he didn’t want geography to limit the scope of the subjects he included, and ultimately, he found each home as fascinating as its occupant. 

Designer Christian Sirlano and his husband, Brad Walsh, share an intimate moment in their New York home.

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