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New Coming-Of-Age Film Tackles Homophobia In A Heartfelt Way

New Coming-Of-Age Film Tackles Homophobia In A Heartfelt Way

By Curtis M. Wong - QUEER VOICES 05/18/2017 12:47 pm ET 

Photo: Rainbow411 / GSHRadio 

Queer cinema fans are already buzzing about the new coming-of-age comedy, “Handsome Devil,” and HuffPost has a sneak peek at an exclusive clip from the film.  

Directed by John Butler, “Handsome Devil” follows Ned (Fionn O’Shea), an artistically minded, outcast teen who is sent to an all-boys boarding school in Ireland by his widowed father (Ardal O’Hanlon). As seen in the clip above, Ned is bullied relentlessly by his sports-loving classmates, but eventually, he strikes up an unlikely friendship with his rugby jock roommate, Conor (Nicholas Galitzine). 

Butler, who also wrote the “Handsome Devil” screenplay, told HuffPost that he based the film on his own experience attending an all-boys boarding school as a teen. Unlike Ned, however, the openly gay writer-director is also a big sports fan, and said he struggled with what he felt were “two incompatible aspects” of his personality growing up. 

“It’s a story that sprang from that difficulty, but it’s very much set in the here and now, and just as relevant in 2017,” he said, pointing to the fact that very few professional athleteshave come out as LGBTQ. 

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