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Gays Against Guns Storms the Senate

Gays Against Guns Storms the Senate


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Could the tactics of ACT UP be used to finally start a conversation about gun control? Hours after a man killed 26 people in a Texas church, Gays Against Guns plans to get in the face of lawmakers standing in the way of meaningful reform. A demonstration takes place at the Hart Senate Office Building in Washington, D.C., Monday morning, marking the first time the activist group brought a this kind of disruption to the Capitol.

“Congress has said it was too soon to talk about gun reform in the days after the October 1 Las Vegas tragedy,” says Michael Adolph, a member of GAG’s D.C. chapter. “GAG believes that the time has come to not only start talking about gun reforms but to start enacting them. The phony ritual of ‘thoughts and prayers’ no longer has any credibility when there are 91 people shot to death daily and 291 mass shootings so far this year.” (Adolph was interviewed before Sunday's shooting in Texas.)

GAG has participated in D.C. protests before, including a march last year between monuments to Martin Luther King, Jr. and Abraham Lincoln, two icons killed by guns. But the event goes into the Washington, D.C. workplace of lawmakers.

The disruption is tied to several events, including special elections being held around the nation on Tuesday. “It’s important to remind those voting in elections that our representatives are a large part of the problem,” Terry Roethlein, Communications director for GAG NYC, tells The Advocate. “We want to get the message out on a national scale.”

The disruption was organized by New York City and Washington, D.C. chapters of GAG. The group turned to the AIDS era advocacy of ACT UP as a model for bringing attention to an important issue impact LGBT Americans today. The correlation of ACT UP messaging and GAG activity has been a regular feature of the group’s work.

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