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Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Within The LGBT Community

Drug Addiction and Alcohol Abuse Within The LGBT Community

By Susan Colgan, 

Addiction. It’s something that nobody likes to talk about. We often shy away from the subject as no matter your attitude towards addicts, it’s a controversial one. For some, it’s better to stay ignorant until it affects you directly – which it never would, right?

However, we all need to be educated on the topic of substance abuse. It’s something that could happen to any of us, especially within the LGBTQ+ community. Substance use disorders affect up to 30% of the LGBTQ+ population, compared to about 7% of the general population.

The LGBTQ+ community face many hurdles in treating addiction that straight sufferers do not.  However, through the proper understanding of LGBTQ+ specific needs and the right level of care, substance abuse treatment can be successful.

This article is to raise awareness on the battles that LGBTQ+ people face which can lead to addiction and the barriers we must break down to receive the proper treatment. I am working alongside in this essay to promote the work that they do for the community. They are an incredible resource for anyone struggling, or who knows anyone struggling with addiction. A great deal of the information and data presented in this article was found on Drug Rehab. They have truly educated me on the issue, make sure to check them out for more info.


Barriers we face as a community in the treatment of substance abuse

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