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The Peeps Show 05 06, 2016 Pancakes • Cigs • LTR

From Pancakes, to Cigs and that evil three letters LTR! Us peeps will talk about anything....

The Peeps Show 04 22, 2016 - People that affected our lives • Tit for Tat

Great Show today! Talking about people who have affected our lives and our idols. Tit for Tat, Kenny was in the house to offset my bias opinion about politics and everything else...

The Peeps Show 04 08, 2016 - Old Man • Liberal • Believes in Jesus

I am a 41 year old gay man who has a pinache for the liberal and a believes in Jesus. I am here to share my opinion with a Great looking co-host  Mo Nehls!  Mo is a poker...

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